The commitment entered into by the signatories of this Code, which is open to all natural persons (individual citizens), is that of being peace makers. To be a peace maker is to be the driving force for the aspirations and wishes of ‘world citizens’, both women and men, who undertake to act in the spirit of basic human and civil rights to:

– develop knowledge and promote behaviour and initiatives for encouraging compliance with basic rights, civil coexistence and therefore peace with a view to building a new humanism;

– foster the pooling international and coordination of energies and initiatives aimed at promoting peace and, thereby, a better quality of life by specific implementation of basic human and civil rights;

– foster all forms of civic and intercultural education and in particular education in basic human rights and responsibilities by promoting the restoration of ethical values in all sectors of life in society;

– foster the effectiveness of the “United Peacers – The world Community for a New Humanism” and actively participate in its forum too so that it is of greater importance in implementing human and civil rights throughout the world by fostering the growth of a ‘new internationalism’ based on the rule of law through an appropriately restructured UN;

– foster free and democratic integration of peoples in all continents;


The undersigned…………………………………………………………………………………………. undertakes pursuant to this Code of Ethics to: – promote awareness and compliance with basic rights in his/her own fields of activity; – foster initiatives promoting civil society, integration of peoples and peace in compliance with basic rights; – make his/her own contribution to the “United Peacers – The world Community for a New Humanism” by publicizing and encouraging participation in it by new individuals, including by organizing an annual event to that end; – carry out specific initiatives (alone and/or through involvement in associations, bodies and institutions) based on the aims underpinning this Code of Ethics.


The undersigned____________________________________ born in____________________________________ date ____________________________________residing in____________________________________n°______CAP___________City____________________________________State/Country____________________________________

Declares under its own responsibility: – to enjoy all civil and political rights – of not having committed criminal offenses – of not having committed crimes against property or incurred in bankruptcy – to be committed to respecting the fundamental rights of man and of peoples (according to the current UN conventions) – to feel the desire to participate and contribute to the construction of a New Humanism and Peace – to sign ethical protocols and related declarations of intent.