Climate Change: a danger to peace and security

“At stake it is not just the climate …”

In this article that I published in the November / December issue of “The Silver Flames”, the Magazine of the National Carabinieri Association, I address the impacts that climate change has on peace and security in the world and I report the figures of the rapid increased conflicts for the management and control of natural resources.

The risk-environment has now become a global emergency: millions of young people around the world, spontaneously mobilized, have taken to the streets to save the planet urging the rulers of the earth to intervene, on the wave of the enthusiasm of the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg at the head of the Fridays for Future movement. Together with them, associations of Peace Workers from all continents are also trying to unite through United Peacers who feel the need to coordinate beyond any personalism and parochialism. From the disappointing results of the Extraordinary Summit convened by the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York last September and from the certainly unsatisfactory conclusions of COP 25, the last Climate Conference that took place in Madrid in December, emerges with force and extreme urgency the need for a new role for the United Nations, through a radical reform that finally puts the UN in a position to adopt and enforce rules by all member states in the common interest of all peoples. Since we have reached the edge of the precipice, we must have the courage to face the unresolved issues of the lack of true democratic world governance indispensable to face all the various planetary emergencies and in particular the climatic one. We hope to be in time again!

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Articolo Climate Change Fiamme d’argento

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