Ethical economy: a model to be relaunched

“Let’s relaunch the ethical economy.” In this article that I published in the May / June issue of “The Silver Flames”, the Magazine of the National Carabinieri Association, I analyze the current phase of serious uncertainty in the global economy hoping for the relaunch of the “Global Compact”, a UN project on corporate social responsibility to which, to date, about 18,000 bodies have voluntarily joined, including over 7,000 large companies from around the world. It is an instrument in line with the creation of a new ethical economy, to counteract the social distortions due to globalization. To assess the impact that this new production model could have on the business fabric, I interviewed Prof. Paolo Moretti, President of the I.G.S. Institute for Corporate Governance and Prof. Arnaldo Acquarelli, President of the Ethics and Economy Foundation of Rome.

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