Let’s defend genetic rights: interview with the jurist Silvana Arbia

In this article that I published in the March / April issue of “The Silver Flames”, the Magazine of the National Carabinieri Association, I address the issue of the protection of so-called fourth generation human rights. These are in particular the genetic rights that protect human beings from medical manipulations resulting from biomedicine and biotechnology and which also concern end-of-life issues but increasingly affect new technological applications in the field of artificial intelligence for which With increasing insistence, regulatory proposals are made that explicitly refer to ethical principles right from the elaboration of the algorithms. In this regard, I hope the formulation of an international Charter of these new fourth generation rights to codify scientific-technological applications, ensuring compliance with the precautionary and prevention criteria: a requirement that the current coronavirus pandemic makes it no longer postponable.
To better understand the developments of these new problems, I interviewed Dr. Silvana Arbia, international magistrate and jurist, former Prosecutor at the United Nations International Criminal Court for Rwuanda.

But to be able to raise awareness and stimulate governments and large international organizations on these issues, I am convinced that we need to start from the bottom by bringing together and involving more and more peacemakers, through a worldwide network of “United Peacers” who will thus be able to collaborate and have a concrete impact on decisions concerning the defense of fundamental rights, sustainable development, the equitable distribution of wealth, the end of wars, in order to find effective solutions to major global problems and thus avoid the subtle new forms of dehumanization for the citizens of the third millennium if not of slavery already in part.

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