The pursuit of happiness: an antidote to stress in the time of the coronavirus

The pursuit of happiness: an antidote to stress in the time of the coronavirus

In this article that I published in the March / April issue of “Crimson Flame” the Magazine of the National Bersaglieri Association, on the occasion of the United Nations World Happiness Day, I interviewed Daniele Berti, life coach expert in wellness techniques, to speak the pursuit of happiness as a method to overcome our fears and as an antidote to stress. Certainly this year the coronavirus pandemic would seem to leave little room for celebrations. Undoubtedly it is not easy in this period to talk about happiness while the whole world is facing an unprecedented health emergency that generates concern and pain everywhere. But precisely for this reason, today more than ever, we can and must find antidotes to anxiety and, in spite of everything, to pronounce the word happiness looking hopefully towards the future, the well-being of individuals and society. Because as Mother Teresa of Calcutta said “The greatest happiness is being useful to others”.

In conjunction with the United Nations’ World Happiness Day, the World Happiness Report was presented, which aims to photograph the level of satisfaction of the citizens of 156 different nations. A world ranking of the countries that create the conditions of life that best promote happiness is drawn up. Also in 2020 for the third consecutive time Finland is in first place. Europe is the happiest continent with eight countries in the Top 10. Italy improves by six positions but remains thirtieth in the survey while at the bottom of the ranking we find Yemen, Syria, South Sudan and Afghanistan, countries devastated by war.

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Interview to Daniele Berti

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