Viruses and bacteriological weapons: what the Covid-19 pandemic teaches us

Some time ago a 2015 Rai “TgR Leonardo” service became viral in a few hours because it spoke of an experiment in a Wuhan laboratory. It has been reiterated that the virus responsible for this pandemic did not originate in the laboratory and that this is a “hoax” even if someone claims the opposite as the Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize for Medicine. But be careful !!! The RAI service of 2015 informed that a “pulmonary” coronavirus had been created in the Wuhan laboratory and underlined the concern of many scholars for the serious risks associated with that experiment. I do not go into the discussion to understand where this pandemic started and how it developed, but I emphasize the fact that this is an opportunity to finally clarify the fact that there are dozens of laboratories for the construction of chemical, biological and bacteriological weapons operating all over the world and that humanity as a whole runs great dangers as we have no guarantees that the general ethical principles and in particular those of precaution and prevention will be respected by those who manage these laboratories.
I remember that these are weapons of mass destruction banned by international agreements but whose production has continued with the justification of the need to: “acquire defense tools against any bacteriological attacks by other States or by terrorist groups”, thus the race to study and manufacture these lethal weapons and their antidotes was unleashed. In recent years, another serious danger has been added, given the possibility of manipulating DNA and creating absolutely new and unknown microorganisms, a huge extra problem! These weapons of mass destruction are defined as “atomic for the poor” precisely because of the danger and ease of construction.
The problem is: who controls what goes on in these labs? How safe are we able to provide ourselves and our young people? The risks are enormous given that no one can absolutely exclude that something can escape control by mistake, by accident, or that, by the will of some crazy dictator or some criminal organization, these weapons are used voluntarily! If we add to this the risks posed by the thousands of atomic warheads scattered around the world we must ask ourselves: what follies are these?!? What’s the point of all this? Who allows all this, which by the way costs at least 1700 billion dollars a year, 200 million an hour of our citizens’ money? This is a huge expense imposed to indulge the absurd “deterrence principle” according to which if you have a weapon of 100 power, I must have at least one of equal or higher power, a principle that seriously jeopardizes our health, our lives and bleed public finances. Isn’t it time to get out of this madness?
The “coronavirus” shows us that we are all truly vulnerable, interdependent, that we all live together on this one planet and for this reason we have and will have a common destiny. Only united, all together, can we react to defend our health, our life, our freedom, our dignity. In short, it is necessary to change the socio-institutional paradigm because it is clear that, as Albert Einstein says, “Modernity has failed. A new humanism must be built otherwise the planet cannot be saved ”. We must therefore mobilize so that democratic (reformed UN) supranational institutions capable of imposing a progressive conversion of weapons factories (death factories) into factories for life and with an Agency that can immediately carry out checks in all labs of the world! No more military secrets, state secrets with which citizens’ health and life is put at risk!
Together as true peacemakers from all continents with the collaboration of the most enlightened statesmen we must work to change the shameful, chaotic international situation by promoting awareness of the very serious planetary risks to which we are exposed; this awareness is indispensable for proposing with determination a profound revision of international institutions. This aspiration is not a dream but an unavoidable necessity if we really want to face serious emergencies starting with environmental emergencies, security, a fairer distribution of wealth, defense of privacy, freedom etc.
Regarding the need to work together, after several years of preparation, an International Community was born: UNITED PEACERS – The World Community for a New Humanism “for the coordination and collaboration of the huge army of peacekeepers engaged all over the world for respect for fundamental rights and for a civil and peaceful coexistence. Operators who so far without operational coordination have failed to make themselves heard!

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