1. “SCIENCE – HEALTH – ENVIRONMENT” Department for the defense of the planet. Among the various purposes there is to make operational an “International Criminal Court for Environmental Crimes” and the promotion of psycho-physical and spiritual well-being.
  2. “ARTISTS FOR A NEW HUMANISM AND PEACE Department provides for the presentation and enhancement of the artists who adhere to it. Management of the “Special artists section” of the “World Register for Peacemakers”. It is divided into sections as follows:
    • Section: theater – cinema – photography – video: for the enhancement of actors, directors, producers of theatrical, cinematographic and photographic works that promote fundamental rights and Peace. (Cultural testimonials are provided)
    • Section: sculpture – painting – engraving – graphics: (for the enhancement of sculptors, painters, engravers, graphic designers… who promote fundamental rights and Peace.
    • Music Section: for the enhancement of singers, composers, arrangers, producers engaged in music as a vehicle for civil coexistence, for the promotion of fundamental rights and Peace. (Cultural testimonials are expected)
  3. “CIVIC EDUCATION FOR A NEW HUMANISM Department educate to active and conscious citizenship also through a fruitful intergenerational collaboration so that young and old alike collaborate together in building a better world. In particular, it will highlight what can be useful to combat the new subtle forms of reduction of freedom and privacy.
  4. “NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT AND GLOBAL DISARMAMENT” Department for total nuclear and biochemical-bacteriological disarmament and the start of progressive controlled total disarmament.
  5. “RELIGIONS FOR PEACE” Department to promote inter-religious education for peace and to promote joint peace initiatives.
  6. AFRICA FOR A NEW HUMANISM AND PEACESpecial Department to encourage the participation of African associations in the project.
  7. “JOURNALISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR PEACE” Department for press freedom with support and dissemination of ethically managed information initiatives. (Cultural testimonials are provided).
  8. “NEW INTERNATIONAL ETHICAL ECONOMY” Department for the promotion of ethics and respect for fundamental rights in economics.
  9. “SPORT FOR PEACE” Department for the enhancement of personalities of the sport experienced as a vehicle of civil coexistence, promotion of fundamental rights and peace. (Cultural testimonials are provided).
  10. “SYNERGIES FOR PEACE Department through the interactive digital platform, manages the adhesions, the active participations of the members of UNITED PEACERS favoring their aggregation. By managing the proposals presented by the participating peace workers and managing the votes on them, the provision of various services such as “e-learning training courses for civil coexistence and peace education” can be managed.
  11. “NEW DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONAL ARCHITECTURE” Department: for the adoption of a “World Regulation for Civil Coexistence” and the indispensable “UN Reform”.
  12. LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES FOR A NEW HUMANISM AND PEACE Department, to encourage the participation of associations of Latin American countries in the project.