Reform the UN to tackle climate change

Editorial by Orazio Parisotto published in Il Giornale di Vicenza on the occasion of the celebrations of 05 June 2019 for the World Environment Day, organized by the United Nations.

The full article can be downloaded at this link

Articolo Giornale Vicenza Ambiente

These important issues are dealt with in depth also in my essay “The Global Revolution for a New Humanism – The ways out of planetary emergencies“, of which the third updated and expanded edition has been published.

In Chapter 12 Science and Technology for Life in paragraph 4 from page 242 I focus in particular on environmental emergencies. And in Chapter 8 Global Democracy for Governance from page 135 I explain why to tackle these emergencies concretely a Reform of the United Nations and more generally of all the major supranational institutions is necessary and can no longer be postponed.

In my essay, I start from the assumption that today it is no longer sufficient to analyze the problems but it is also necessary to propose effective ways out of the crises, indicating what can be done immediately with urgency.

By connecting to the site of the Effe2Edizioni publishing house, the essay can be purchased both in paper and in e-books.

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Orazio Parisotto

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