Request to urgently lay the foundations for a New International Ethical Economy (NIEE) necessary to stop the disorder of the current market economy fostered by globalization without rules that allows the perpetuation of severe forms of inequality and injustice. You are requested to sign the following text: Considering that the market inability to self-regulate against globalization without rules has caused serious adverse effects on real economy and on civil society; Noted that the lack of an “ethical code”, able to stop the disorder of the international market economy, allows the perpetuation of severe forms of inequality and injustice;

                                                                       WE ASK 

to the Heads of State and Government, to the Heads of economic and social policies and to all relevant international organizations of the sector: – to urgently convene an Intergovernmental Conference which draws up an International Multilateral Treaty to set the rules of a New International Ethics Economy (NIEE) that, in the light of the “Global Legal Standard” principles already approved by the OECD, or of the UN “Global Compact”, verify that all the economic and financial operations meet the requirements of fairness, transparency and integrity, and solves the current severe inequalities and injustices; – to start and activate the “Council for Economic and Social Security” which operates through the below agencies: • “International Agency for Global Tobin tax management”; • “Supranational Assessment Rating Agency”; • “Supranational Body for Libor establishment and control”; • “Agency for Monetary Issue Control”; • “International Institute for Financial Transactions Control”; • “Research Centre for an equitable distribution of wealth”; • “Scientific Committee for Sustainable Development”.