Ask to adopt in all countries specific civic and intercultural education programs for: respecting the fundamental rights, greater socio-economic justice and rejecting all forms of violence, especially against women, elderly people and children. You are requested to sign the following text: Considering the insufficient commitment of most national education systems in teaching fundamental civic and intercultural education as well as the fundamental rights and duties of man; considering these issues essential to a conscious and active participation of citizens in the management of public affairs; Considering the excessive socio-economic inequalities both between different countries and between individuals within the same country; Considering the damages that the organized crime and the spread of violence create in the cultural, social and economic field, in various countries and in the international context; Considering as necessary the specific commitment against all forms of discrimination and violence, particularly towards women, elderly people and children; 


to the Heads of State and Government, to the Heads of international economic and social bodies involved to adopt specific operational programs to:

strengthen, with the involvement of teachers, the study of Civic and Intercultural Education in all schools by encouraging the participation of citizens in public affairs at all levels;

carefully verify that the fundamental human rights and duties are effectively respected in accordance also with the provisions of the “Council for fundamental human rights and the rights of peoples” and of the “World Regulation for civil coexistence”, that must become effective as soon as possible under the UN management;

reduce the significant socio-economic inequalities both at international level between states and between citizens of the same state, also in compliance with the suggestions of the “Research centre for an equitable distribution of wealth”, that must become effective as soon as possible under the UN management;

promote justice everywhere and fight any form of violence and organised crime;

commit for the acknowledgement and respect of “sex gender equality” and “equal opportunities” and fight all forms of discrimination and violence in particular against women, elderly people and children.