Ask governments and international bodies a specific commitments for respecting the natural habitat and in particular for preventing and avoiding the serious environmental and socio-economic crisis in the next decades and at the same time for promoting sustainable and equitable development. You are requested to sign the following text: Considering that serious forms of exploitation, plunder and tampering of the natural habitat are continuing at global level; Considering that, due to the non-sustainability of the current development and life trend, a collapse of the ecosystem with unpredictable outcomes is expected by the middle of this century, as confirmed by numerous and serious scientific studies; Considering the ineffectiveness of the agreements so far concluded among the states for lack of international democratic institutions able to enforce the rules by everyone in the common interest; Aware of the need, that can no longer be postponed, to face and solve these very serious global emergencies;


to all the Heads of State and Government and to the Heads of International institutions and bodies of the sector:

to engage with determination to adopt and respect strict legislative measures for protecting the natural habitat in all states;

to promote a new “economy-ecology” relationship by adopting sustainable development principles and using alternative clean and safe energy;

to create, as soon as possible, inside the UN system, the “Council for Security and Environmental Sustainability” with an appropriate “Scientific Commitee”;

to promote the creation of an “INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES” under the UN auspices.