We request to face the problem of the right to work and of the respect for workers’ dignity and rights worldwide; to prohibit the abuse of precarious work and to protect jobs and businesses from national and international unfair competition. You are requested to sign the following text: Considering the need to comply with the fundamental human rights and, in particular, the rights of workers in all countries; Having verified that, in the globalized market, the free movement of goods produced in countries where labour costs are very low and workers’ rights are almost non-existent causes a severe form of “unfair competition” in the market in general, and in particular for companies who respect those rights; Having noted that this distortion of the free market causes wages destabilization in developed countries, growing push toward relocation, dramatic loss of jobs and exclusion of young people from the productive system, encourages the permanent use of precarious work and multiplies the severe exploitation of workers in many developing countries; Considering the high unbalance in wealth and income repartition both within the states and at international level between States;

                                                                       WE ASK 

to the Heads of State and Government, to the Heads of economic and social policies and to all relevant international organizations of the sector: – to promote a general institutional mobilization in favour of the right to work which includes, further to the recognition in all countries of the fundamental rights of workers with adequate salaries, insurance and social security, also the protection of existing jobs, the creation of new jobs and the fight against the abuse of temporary work and all forms of national and international unfair competition, following ILO recommendations; – to study the possibility to protect companies and workers from the so-called unfair competition and other distortions of the labor market, through the implementation and compliance with specific rules through a “UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL LABOR RIGHTS” managed by the UN; – to start and activate the “Research Centre for an equitable distribution of wealth” under the UN management to review the principles of wealth social distribution by assessing the possibility and sustainability of adopting schemes of minimum guaranteed income and/or citizenship income (basic income).