Strongly ask to confirm the end of the crazy, dangerous and expensive arms race and for a progressive conversion of the “death factories” in “factories for life” in all countries and for the democratic control of technological application of the scientific research. You are requested to sign the following text: Found that, against the dramatic emergency caused by many ongoing wars and by the crazy arms race, we have to avoid that mankind may run the risk of catastrophic wars; noted that each state has today its own national army, whose overall global cost is the absurd figure of more than 1,700 billion dollars per year; taking into account the extraordinary advances in scientific research and the consequent and possible dangerous technological applications;


to the Heads of State and Government and to the Heads of international bodies and organizations of the sector involved:

to confirm the absolute repudiation of the war and of all forms of organized violence as system for solving both internal and international conflicts;

to start a progressive and complete disarmament (first the nuclear one) in all states by a special “Global Disarmament Agency” managed by UN, to stop the arms race and promote the progressive conversion of the “death factories” into “life factories”;

to organize and run, under the UN management, a “Peace-keeping and Humanitarian Intervention Army” in order to progressively replace each country’s army;

to use the enormous resources spent for arms to face the serious global environmental and socio-economic emergencies;

to implement a methodical safety control on scientific-technological applications in all countries, through a “Supervisor Authority for scientific and technological research applications” managed by the UN and made operational as soon as possible.