Ask to strictly comply with the professional and ethical conduct rules in the information and communication sectors, which should be free from the strong influences of economic and socio-political organizations. You are requested to sign the following text: Noted that communication and information are today characterized by the concentration of old and new major media, controlled by elite made up of few major economic and political groups; Found that the connection between information, entertainment and advertising subtly influences citizens everywhere, also in democratic countries, both through traditional TV channels and through the web; Aware of the urgent need to introduce protection systems, particularly for children, from the risks related to the use of the Internet;


to the Heads of State and Government and to the Heads of international bodies and organizations of the sector to: – impose, also through legislative measures, the strict application of ethical codes in journalism, in the field of communication and information, and the respect for fundamental human rights, by exacerbating sanctions if necessary; – introduce new national and international laws to fight the unfair competition created by the few owners of mass media and dismantle the “financial cartels” through appropriate antitrust initiatives so that the citizen is not only a passive consumer, but can also create communication, thanks to civil society associations. – create an “International Supervisory Authority for Public and Private information” democratically appointed and working under the UN management, to supervise the proper observance of ethical standards in all countries.