The following documents are drafts that will be proposed to the World Community for a New Humanism through the platform, for evaluation and subsequent approval.


aimed at Heads of State and Government around the world

The Maxi-Petition demonstrates our firm will for change and self-defense and our commitment to address the serious problems facing humanity due to the obtuseness and selfishness of a few and the indifference of many.

In order to concretely initiate, in the interest of all peoples, a true process of transformation and change through a Peaceful Global Revolution for a New Humanism



NB: The ten points shown here are only the introductory parts of each request – Click on the individual points to read the full text.

1. FOR THE DEMOCRATIZATION OF THE UN AND OF INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Request to urgently promote, in collaboration with civil society, the democratization of international institutions, in particular of the United Nations system by starting a New Democratic Institutional Architecture (NDIA).

2. FOR BUILDING A NEW INTERNATIONAL ETHICAL ECONOMY Request to urgently lay the foundations for a New International Ethical Economy (NIEE) necessary to stop the disorder of the current market economy fostered by globalization without rules that allows the perpetuation of severe forms of inequality and injustice starting and activating a “Council for Economic and Social Security” under the auspices of the UN.

3. FOR RESPECTING THE RIGHT TO WORK AND THE DIGNITY OF WORKERS WORLDWIDE We request to face the problem of the right to work and of the respect for workers’ dignity and rights worldwide; to prohibit the abuse of precarious work and to protect jobs and businesses from national and international unfair competition through a “Universal Charter of Fundamental Labor Rights” managed by the UN and to start and activate the “Research Centre for an Equitable Distribution of Wealth” under the UN management.

4. FOR REFORMING THE CURRENT FINANCIAL AND BANKING SYSTEM Requesting a net separation between investment banks or business banks and commercial or deposit banks and the reduction of the big banks’ maximum size, also asking to spread the basic principles of ethical finance, by promoting the knowledge and use of ethical banks and of ethically oriented ones supporting the creation and activation of an “International Institute of financial transactions control” under the UN management.

5. FOR THE TRANSPARENCY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND OF FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS Ask for appropriate standards dealing with the right to information and to transparency of public administration documents as well as to the traceability of national and international public financial transactions in all Countries under the UN management.

6. FOR THE RESPECT OF THE ETHICAL-DEONTOLOGICAL INFORMATION PRINCIPLES Ask to strictly comply with the professional and ethical conduct rules in the information and communication sectors, which should be free from the strong influences of economic and socio-political organizations creating an “International Supervisory Authority for Public and Private information” under the UN management.

7. FOR STOPPING THE CRAZY ARMS RACE AND STARTING THE DISARMAMENT Strongly ask to confirm the end of the crazy, dangerous and expensive arms race and for a progressive conversion of the “death factories” in “factories for life” in all countries and for the democratic control of technological application of the scientific research through appropriate UN Agencies.

8. FOR PROTECTING NATURE AND PREVENTING THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS Ask governments and international bodies a specific commitments for respecting the natural habitat and in particular for preventing and avoiding the serious environmental and socio-economic crisis in the next decades and at the same time for promoting sustainable and equitable development creating inside the UN system, the “Council for Security and Environmental Sustainability” and an “INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALCOURT AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMES”.

9. FOR PROMOTING THE INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION AND THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS Ask to adopt in all countries specific civic and intercultural education programs for: respecting the fundamental rights, greater socio-economic justice and rejecting all forms of violence, especially against women, elderly people and children.

10. FOR PROMOTING THE INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE IN FAVOR OF CIVIL COEXISTENCE AND PEACE Ask that all the representatives of the world’s major religions and their organizations commit through effective ecumenical and interreligious activities to promote the respect for every religious belief, the peaceful coexistence, solidarity and peace among all peoples in mutual respect and fraternal collaboration also using the new social communication systems.