Angelo Borrelli

General strategy and institutional relations

Former Head of the Civil Protection Department

Angelo Borrelli was born on November 18, 1964. In 1988 he graduated with honors in Economics at the University of Cassino becoming a Chartered Accountant and later auditor. 

In 1989 he won a public competition and entered the Ministry of Public Works and then moved to the State General Accounting Office where he held important positions, until 2000. He was then transferred to the National Civil Service as Executive Officer and later to the Departmentof Civil Protection under the guidance of Former Head of Department; Mr. Guido Bertolaso.

He covered a strategic role at the DPC as General Director of the’ Administration and Budget Office’ until 2010, after which he was appointed Deputy Head of Department.

In 2017 he was nominated Head of the Italian Civil Protection Department.

He has worked in the field of civil protection for nearly 20 years and has therefore been directly involved in the most complex emergencies that were faced and brilliantly managed by the DPC under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers . The DPC, is a coordinating structure part of a complex Italian system called to intervene in response to major disasters of natural origin or man-made both on national territory and abroad, that has proved its competence and skills in disaster forecasting and prevention and in the management of emergency states and post-emergency recovery activities.

The quality of the service provided , the timeliness and capacity demonstrated in the past years by the Department of Civil Protection have made our national civil protection system