Fiorella Belpoggi

Scientific Director of the Ramazzini Institute of Bologna

Fiorella Belpoggi is Scientific Director of the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna. She is an expert in the study of tumor agents, agents that cause environmental pathologies, such as asbestos, fuels, gasoline additives, pesticides, low frequency and radio frequency electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, etc. She is a member of the International Academy of Toxicological Pathology (IATP), the New York Academy of Sciences and the Executive Council of the Collegium Ramazzini, which boasts over 180 independent expert members in the field of occupational and environmental diseases, representing 36 countries worldwide. ( She collaborates with the American research body National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and she is the contact person for the European Commission for issues relating to health and the environment. You have received numerous awards including the Lorenzo Tomatis Award from ISDE Italia, the Tina Anselmi Award 2018 and the Ramazzini International Award in 2007. She has held various academic positions at the Universities of Padua, Turin and Bologna. She is the author of over 150 publications in national and international scientific journals and has edited the edition of essays on scientific themes, public health and environmental sciences.