United Peacers The World Community for a New Humanism is an international project made available to individual peacekeepers from around the world and their associations, therefore it necessarily has the characteristics of non-partisanship, non-denominationality and is free from partisan or systemic interests.

The World Community for a New Humanism represents a point of arrival and at the same time a starting point. It is something that starts from afar and that brings with it a lot of experience, application, research and innovation. It is a project promoted by UNIPAX to facilitate the birth of a worldwide network, of a new independent international entity: The World Community for a New Humanism.

UNIPAX – World Union for Peace and the Fundamental Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples – is a non-profit making, non-denominational NGO that is independent from political parties and economic interests, that works at a national and international level. It is associated with the UN/DGC United Nations Department of Global Communications. It is associated with the ASviS, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development – Agenda 2030 of the United Nations – and collaborates with the main international organizations and institutions and in particular with the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Website: www.unipax.org  

Social: https://www.facebook.com/unipax.org  See also:  WIKIPEDIA – UNIPAX

Its main objective is to put itself at the service of those who want to be peacemakers and builders of a New Humanism.

UNIPAX makes available to the Community all its more than thirty years of experience including a World Directory containing over 100,000 organizations from all continents committed to civil coexistence and peace. With about 30,000 of these has already started the first contacts.

Together with other major national and international organizations becomes the starting point for an initiative that could be considered historical.

We have prepared ourselves since the beginning of 2017 at the birth and start of: “UNITED PEACERS – The World Community for a New Humanism” creating a working group all selected with adequate and demonstrated ethical drive and a high professional preparation.

“The World Community for a New Humanism” is realized through a worldwide network, a digital platform that allows peacekeepers to dialogue and collaborate all together.


The digital platform of the World Community for a New Humanism

The active participation of peacekeepers can be developed through the use of an IT operating system, the multilingual digital platform of the World Community for a New Humanism. It is a virtual, multilingual, internationally accessible, structured, efficient meeting place that allows a constant and immediate dialogue useful for working out proposals and ideas to be shared in real time.

All PEACERS, that is, all those individuals, associations, bodies and organizations, which work for peace and civil coexistence, have a limit, that of not counting enough in the world. In order to finally have a concrete impact on decisions concerning the defense of fundamental rights, sustainable development, the fair distribution of wealth, the end of wars and to be able to influence in order to find effective solutions to major global problems, the Peacers must unite their voices by making them become a shock wave, a roar of peace, which cannot remain unheard, this is what we call UNITED PEACERS EFFECT.

While continuing to operate independently in their specific areas as always, all the Peacers of the world need to be in dialogue, interconnected, with the possibility of coordinating at an international level to make the World understand that peacemakers are there and are many, know what they want and are, all together, determined to get it. In this way, individual Peacers organizations armed with goodwill but weak in substance will cease to finally constitute a solid and operating worldwide network of UNITED PEACERS. From the union of forces, from the connection of the proposals and requests, surprising and impossible results are obtained by acting in an uncoordinated way. The associations that will be part of UNITED PEACERS, with their peacemakers, will be able to work together to identify and perfect together the essential requests, the vital, fundamental proposals, the lowest common denominators to guarantee civil international coexistence and peace. These are requests to be presented all together, with the force of large numbers, to national and international institutions to ensure that those planetary emergencies are addressed that no state, no body or association can solve alone.

For example, everyone realizes that a reform of the UN would be needed in order to face the serious problems that beset humanity, but if the request were to come from a single association of peacemakers, even if prestigious, it would have no follow-up on the contrary, the association would risk being ridiculed if not derided. It would be very different if thousands of associations of peacemakers from all continents presented the same request together and with decision, also managing to support it with the power of a coordinated global presence on social media.

Thus the UNITED PEACERS effect would develop and this could happen for any request that it is deemed appropriate to submit!

UNITED PEACERS is built together, it is not simply adhered to, it is our common home, our World Community, therefore it is all of us who intend to work for its development on an international world level. Collaborating without personalisms and parochialisms, each maintaining their own freedom and specificity, will be essential for the success of the initiative.

Only by acting together, regarding the essential requests for our future, we citizens of the world with our organizations can hope for a new humanism of civil coexistence and peace, marking a turning point in the course of history.

The World Community is preparing to launch an initial, open proposal for an operational project to be perfected together initially with particular reference to the text “The Global Revolution for a New Humanism – The ways out of planetary emergencies” by Orazio Parisotto UNIPAX Founder and promoter of the UNITED PEACERS FOUNDATION. The World Community submits to the evaluation and contributions of peacemakers from all continents through the specific multilingual platform a series of documents and operational proposals that are listed here and other proposals that will emerge in the context of the work of the World Community itself: World Register of Peacemakers; Universal Charter of Fundamental Duties (draft); UN Third Millennium (hypothesis); World Regulation for Civil Coexistence (draft); Maxi Petition in Ten Points (draft).

The Temple of New Humanism

The project activation procedures are “Work in Progress”, therefore we invite you to visit the “How to join us” page and follow us on social networks.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no political, economic, religious or other force behind this initiative that arises from the awareness and will of the citizens who have understood that any real progress for their life can only come from below through their conscious and active social participation facilitated by the new media and through the creation of truly democratic institutions at all levels from the neighborhood to the UN.