1st LIFE 

Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE RESPECT FOR LIFE AS SUPREME GOOD AND A DECOROUS LIFE TO EVERYONE, IN PARTICULAR TO EVERY CHILD AND ELDERLY PERSON. We must first of all commit ourselves to respect our life and ourselves, in order to achieve a correct psycho-physical balance and a decorous life according to the inalienable principles of freedom, solidarity, justice and respect for others. It is right to commit, as far as possible, to guarantee to everyone in the world the respect for life and the research for the best quality in every moment and, therefore, a serene childhood, adolescence and maturity, by favouring  health, essential needs, education, work, home, safety, by living our third age in a dignified and respected way, all this in good social and environmental conditions, until a well assisted  natural death. It is a duty to recognize the equality of genders, of all the sexual tendencies and to fully respect minors. The commitment to fight the trafficking of human beings and their enslavement, as well as the prohibition of dangerous experiments of any kind on people and even more the trade of organs, is overwhelming. It is also a duty to fight any form of degrading and damaging attitude toward psycho-physical integrity, particularly with regard to women, for example with infibulation and clitoral resection, but also to men with castration. We must also commit ourselves to the abolition of the death penalty in whatever way it is performed, first of all the indescribable system of stoning and, again, the abolition of torture and, in general, of every form of harassment.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE POSSIBILITY TO MANAGE ALL LEVELS OF SOCIAL LIVING, IN PARTICULAR IN THE POLITICAL AND LABOUR WORLD. It is right to guarantee the respect and the evolutionary growth of the Communities, both at local and global level (from the neighbourhood to the UN) by participating in their evolution in a democratic way, pledging to guarantee the free participation in community life and political practice at all levels, without marginalization or limitations of choices and/or proposals. It is right to commit ourselves in order to guarantee everywhere the freedom of opinion, of creating parties and movements, of meeting, expressing, the freedom of voting for choosing public representatives at all international, national and territorial levels, regardless of public positions, always safeguarding the public security and the rights of freeing citizens, by committing themselves to avoid interventions of armed and violent repression of peaceful gatherings and individual protests. It is necessary, as well as right, for citizens to freely participate in public consultations with guarantees of free choices. It is important to ensure to everyone the right to decent work as a source of active social participation and of well-being for everyone and for the whole community.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE PEACE AND CIVIL COEXISTENCE, BY STRUGGLING AGAINST EVERY FORM OF VIOLENCE, TERRORISM, ORGANIZED CRIME AND WAR. It is important to commit ourselves in order to prevent and stop any war from its beginning, wars between states or ethnic groups, religious groups, political movements, etc. unless it is a form of defence against aggression or interventions to support the populations victims of violence and abuses by dictatorships that do not respect the fundamental human and peoples’ rights. We should commit ourselves to guarantee peace against all forms of terrorism, and to prohibit the military involvement of unarmed civilians, their mass arrest, their killing in retaliation. It is also right to prohibit the use of any weapon of mass destruction, in particular of atomic weapons, cluster bombs, mines, chemical weapons and gases and to commit for the physical and human respect of prisoners. It is right to prevent and stop any ethnic genocides in whatever form it may be carried out: wars, forced exodus, deprivation of the essential forms of survival and health. It is also a duty to strenuously fight against all forms of organized crime.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level CORRECT AND IMPARTIAL EDUCATION AND INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE AND FREE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH, WHOSE APPLICATIONS ARE ONLY AIMED AT INCREASING THE QUALITY OF LIFE. We should commit to ensure love and serenity to every child and the best educational and socio-cultural growth, open and intercultural civic education to everyone, so to allow everyone to become a citizen under all points of view and therefore participate in the  various levels of social life. It is also important to commit ourselves so that life can be lived in a healthy and safe environment, with initiatives and places suitable for promoting cultural, sport, leisure activities, as well as facilities for childcare, education, health, elderly people, services for public hygiene, waste collection and treatment, water supply, electricity, transport, interpersonal and mass media and any other primary needs. It is a duty to ensure that the scientific achievements and their technological applications are used according to the ethical principles that must be prioritized with respect to any other motivation and, in any case, must be used only to promote a better quality of life and never for the socalled factories of death (war-related applications).


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level FAIR AND JOINT JUSTICE, RESPECTFUL OF THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF MAN AND PEOPLE. We must commit ourselves to guarantee fair justice, free from the constraints of political and/or economic powers, that respects the rights of defence and appeal, of non-guiltiness  until final condemnation, making public the trial proceedings and excluding any form of physical, psychological and other torture or blackmail during the questioning of accused and witnesses. It is necessary to guarantee formal and substantial equality between accusation and defence in court proceedings. We must commit ourselves to guarantee the exclusion from the regulation of all countries of the death penalty and other degrading forms of punishment. We must commit ourselves to ensure the correct and understandable socio-political information and awareness, free from any conditioning and/or interest of parties, groups or systems. 


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE POSSIBILITY FOR EVERYONE TO FORM A FAMILY  AS A FUNDAMENTAL CELL OF THE SOCIETY,  BY GETTING SUITABLE SUPPORT. We must commit ourselves to guarantee respect, love and the best possible assistance, first of all for our family and for the family in general as fundamental cell of the society and privileged core for the education of the future citizen. It is a duty to guarantee to everyone the possibility of forming a family by freely choosing the parties, in a legitimately recognized age, suitable for the formation of this social core, without any predetermined conditioning: family, tradition, ethnic group, religion, social class and/ or economic conditions, also favouring housing, economic subsistence, assisted reproduction and, more in general, adequate protection and social assistance.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level A CONCRETE SUPPORT TO ALL POPULATIONS IN TROUBLES FOR SEVERE NATURAL OR SOCIO-POLITICAL EVENTS. We must commit to promote hospitality, food, health, psychological support and any other form of support needed and useful to people affected by severe and disastrous natural events, to the refugees from war, extreme poverty, severe epidemics, to asylum seekers whose origin can be well identified and who do not have any convictions for crimes. In these cases it is necessary to encourage the reunification with their families, the integration in the countries of arrival and their correct distribution in the hosting country and/or the free transfer to other States upon their request. It is desirable to promote a fair distribution to all peoples and in particular to people who lack essential natural resources and, above all, drinking water, just as it is a duty to fight productive, agricultural, commercial monopolies and, in particular, the monopoly of drugs for treating endemic epidemics.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE RESPECT FOR ALL CULTURES, RELIGIONS AND SPIRITUAL MOVEMENTS WHOSE PRINCIPLES ARE NOT IN CONTRAST WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS. We must commit ourselves to ensure at local and universal level the respect and free expression of all cultures, religions or movements whose principles are not in contrast with the fundamental human and peoples’ rights and which do not jeopardise the physical and mental integrity of their followers, the freedom of private and public expression, by guaranteeing places of worship and internal and external expressions, without limitations of ethnic groups, traditions, schismatic forms, historical divisions, fideistic oppositions, but instead a duly equal treatment. It is also necessary to commit ourselves to promote pedagogy and intercultural and interreligious education in all states and at all levels of education, as well as the education to the fundamental rights and duties of man and their implementation.


Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level TO RESPECT OUR PLANET AND NATURE, TO SAFEGUARD ITS RESOURCES AND TO MANAGE  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It is right to protect the biosphere at all local and universal levels,  to respect nature in all its forms and diversity, to denounce and pursue projects and activities that violate the environmental standards and to limit or, where possible, to stop the activities that pollute the atmosphere, the soil, the surface and waters, the seas and oceans. We must commit to plan the development of environmental sustainability both for the present and the future generations and to protect every form of animal and vegetable life. We must commit to fulfil the energy needs with safe and environmentally friendly systems that respect the quality of life and the environment as much as possible. It is a duty to prevent and fight against human activities that upset the natural balance of the earth. It is also necessary to do everything is possible to prevent and fight against the inevitable harmful effects of the cyclical mutations of the Earth, as in the case of earthquakes.

10th PROTECTION of the EARTH and of the SPACE

Every citizen has the duty to guarantee at local and universal level THE INTEGRITY OF THE EARTH, OF THE STRATOSPHERE AND OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM FROM EVERY FORM OF POLLUTION AND NUCLEAR IMPLOSION. We must work to ensure the universal integrity and the protection of life on our planet and of the solar system endangered by various factors but in particular by the craziness of the military arsenals owned by over 190 national states with powerful and countless new generation and conventional, chemical, bacteriological weapons, and above all with many thousands of powerful nuclear warheads that could cause the implosion of the planet, destroy it, and destabilize the solar system. It is therefore a duty to ensure, for our safety as world citizens, a progressive demilitarization of the planet, and in particular the urgent dismantling of nuclear warheads. We must also avoid any form of global, stratosphere and space pollution due to the residues of missiles, space stations, wastes of all kinds from space missions, and tens of thousands of artificial satellites orbiting the earth that are more and more out of control.