CODE OF ETHICS AND DECLARATION OF INTENT                                                             (Associations – Bodies – Organisations) 

The commitment entered into by the signatories of this Code, which is open to all non-profit-making legal persons in society – associations, bodies and organisations – is that of being peace makers. To be a peace maker is to be the driving force for the aspirations and wishes of ‘world citizens’, both women and men, who undertake to act in the spirit of basic human and civil rights to:

– develop knowledge and promote behavior and initiatives for encouraging compliance with basic rights, civil coexistence and therefore peace with a view to building a new humanism;

– foster the pooling international and coordination of energies and initiatives aimed at promoting peace and, thereby, a better quality of life by specific implementation of basic human and civil rights;

– foster all forms of civic and intercultural education and in particular education in basic human rights and responsibilities by promoting the restoration of ethical values in all sectors of life in society;

– foster the effectiveness of the “United Peacers – The world Community for a New Humanism” so that it is of greater importance in implementing human and civil rights throughout the world by fostering the growth of a ‘new internationalism’ based on the rule of law through an appropriately restructured UN;

– foster free and democratic integration of peoples in all continents;

– develop the role of non-profit-making non-governmental organisations and voluntary associations working in the field of basic rights as informed expressions of civil society and well-placed interpreters of the aspirations and needs of peoples.


The undersigned________________________________________________acting in his/her capacity (Chairman – responsible person – legal representative) of the Association_______________________________________________

Undertakes, pursuant to this Code of Ethics, to: – promote awareness of and compliance with basic rights within the field of activities of the body which he/she represents; – foster and organize specific initiatives promoting civil society, integration of peoples and peace in compliance with basic rights based on the aims which underpin this Code of Ethics; – make his/her own contribution to the “United Peacers – The world Community for a New Humanism” by publicizing and encouraging participation in it by new bodies, perhaps by organizing an annual event to that end.

Signature _______________________________________________

Date _______________________