By subscribing this Manifesto-Appeal we take part automatically and free of charge to the United Peacers – The World Community for a New Humanism, with the possibility of activating, concretely, which Peacemakers. adequate international campaign will be launched to encourage subscription. The text below.

Many people share great concerns about the future, but we have serious difficulties in communicating with each other both at national and international level. The project reported here aims at solving this problem. 

With a process of globalization without rules and facing the socio-political, institutional, economic-financial and military chaos of today, the mankind seems to accept the events, unable to influence and to  manage them in the interest of peoples, or of the world citizen and, in particular, of young people. The planet is now divided into about 200 sovereigns and armed states, often in conflict with each other and operating in their own interests (if not only in that of the dominant lobbies) even if this is contrary to the general interest of mankind. Therefore, we need a common commitment to overcome this situation, to stop all wars and to gradually build a peaceful world, sharing a NEW HUMANISM of respect and mutual understanding. 

It is essential that each of us pursues his individual ethical improvement, but also engages in a conscious and correct social participation based on the search for the common good, becoming an active part in the management of public affairs, not only at local and national, but also at International level. Therefore, the  citizen must also be able to deal with the urgent problem  of the creation of supranational and supra-state democratic institutions (according to the principles of cosmopolitan democracy) through which we can face the great planetary emergencies that no state can face alone. 

These emergencies are affecting our future life and the survival of mankind: the protection of air, water and land; the extreme poverty of many populations and the death of too many children due to hunger, thirst and easily curable diseases; the excessive power of the financial lobbies, the globalization without rules; the proliferation of armaments for terrible wars and the migrations of entire populations; the failure to respect ethnic, religious and cultural differences, especially for minorities; the need for a more equitable sharing of labor and wealth.

However, a global interdisciplinary and coordinated Project for a New Humanism has not been missing so far, a rough operational path that, although utopian, draws up of the general principles and objectives to be improved, thus giving hope, confidence and a new strong motivation to citizens, encouraging young people to fight for a better future while respecting the fundamental rights-duties of mankind. 

But today there is an open initial proposal, an operative draft to improve together. Its contents will in fact be submitted to the evaluation and sharing of the United Peacers – The World Community for a New Humanism, to which everyone can participate simply by signing this Appeal. 

It is a Community, free from any political, economic and confessional influence, aiming at supporting those who want to build the New Humanism, engaging for the respect of human rights throughout the world against all violence and oppression, for justice and peace. It also aims at promoting the harmonious and supportive integration among the various ethnic groups in respect of the individual cultures and in the conviction that differences and plurality are enriching elements which must be protected and preserved for a civil intercultural coexistence, in order to encourage the National and International aggregation and coordination of energies and initiatives, in a conscious and fair social participation based on the research of the common welfare. 

The Community is the appropriate and effective tool to foster the authentic collaboration among all those citizens and associations that form the huge army of peacemakers committed to respect for the fundamental rights of man and peoples in all the continents.

The operational fragmentation, the isolated protagonism and the various expressions of parochialism must in fact be overcome if we want to come out as winners from the fundamental challenge for today’s man, i.e. to: “knowing how to move from an economic-centric and state-centric society. to a human-centric and bio-centric society with an ethical high-intensity democratic international governance. “

By joining the UNITED PEACERS – The World Community for a New Humanism, everyone can contribute to the definition, diffusion and development of the global project for the New Humanism. The peacemakers of all continents can set up a project that concretely draws the general lines and objectives, in the medium and long term, to give hope to our future. So, we will show our firm desire for change at international level and our concrete will to realise it. For all these reasons everyone, based on his or her sensitivity, creativity, and competence can, from now on, contribute in person by participating in the Community. 

By signing this Manifesto you automatically enter the United Peacers – The World Community for a New Humanism, with two different operational possibilities:

– the individual subscriber (natural person) will, as “Messenger of United Peacers”, play an important role in disseminating knowledge, promoting and supporting the Project;

– the signatory associations, bodies and organizations (legal persons) will be able to participate concretely in the activities of the World Community through the digital platform.