Carlo De Masi


Graduated in economics and commerce and political science, since 2017 Carlo De Masi is President of Adiconsum (Association of Consumer and Environmental Defense) which is part of the CNCU, National Council of Consumers and Users, established at the Ministry of Economic Development. The partnership is affiliated with BEUC, the largest European consumer organization, since 1998 Adiconsum has managed, the only consumer association, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Fund for the prevention of over-indebtedness and usury, aimed at families and to family businesses, in situations of economic difficulty, in possession of specific requirements established by law (Law 108/1996 ex art. 15) and since 2006 manages exclusively the European Consumer Center Italy, national contact point of the Network of European Centers of Consumers (ECC-Net), established by the European Commission. He also actively collaborates with the Carabinieri Command for the protection of health and with the Carabinieri Command for Agri-food protection to combat fraud, scams and scams to the detriment of citizens.