Claudio Cavalieri d’Oro

Neurolinguist, Communication and Strategic Management Expert

Born in 1953. Marketing and Communication Expert, he has been Industry Manager since 1983; subsequently and for about a decade he was Managing Partner of an important international Consulting and Training network. Specializing initially in DK and in the UK, he oversaw the development of programs for Italy dedicated to the HUMAN FACTOR and the QUALITY OF SERVICES originating from the experience of the now “historical” SAS and BRITISH AIRWAYS cases. Director and Coordinator of national and international training projects for many tens of thousands of people, he has personally conducted seminars and conferences for over 100,000 participants and is the creator of the VIRTHUMAN APPROACH for the enhancement of the potential of people and teams and for management Strategic Change. Neurolinguist, in 1996 he obtained the MASTER NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and from 2002 he obtained the IANLP International Certification. Former director of the “Strategic Change Management” Department of the Italian Academy of Research, as “visiting professor” he has been a university professor of MOTIVATION of ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIORS and STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE in various universities. With his virtHuman Approach he was also an active protagonist of the “PILOT STUDY for the Enhancement of the Human Factor in Health” created by the “Study and Research Center on Chronic Degenerative Pathology in the Work Environments – University of Milan-Bicocca” and of the elaboration (prof.Ferrario) presented at the ICOH-WOPS 2010. He was Head of Strategy of the Privacy Development Laboratory at the Authority of the Privacy Guarantor and member of the restricted Committee “Laboratory Card” and collaborated on the project LA SVOLTA in Montecitorio (Italian Parliament).