Giuseppe Carlesi

Institutional relations

R.D.S. Commissioner of the State Police

Giuseppe Carlesi, born in Rome, married with two children, former State Police Officer now retired. Experienced investigator and Professor of Criminal Investigation Techniques, analyst in data management, in identifying work automation procedures and application of new technologies including those concerning the principles of A.I. applied to the world of intelligence. Expert in Text and Data mining, analysis, detection, management and resolution of conflicts. University legal education, passionate about culture, science and history of religions, qualified to teach religion in compulsory primary school, Baccalaureate in Philosophy (Magna cum Laude) at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

In addition to the numerous positions held at the Central Investigative Offices (Central Anticrime Unit – Central Operational Service) of the State Police, he was a consultant to a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, Head of the Operational Unit pursuant to Legislative Decree 245/05, at the Presidency of Council of Ministers – Department of National Civil Protection and finally Head of the Museum of Historic Cars of the State Police. He began his career as a cadet of the Military Academy of Modena, 159 ° Course, and then continued in the police after the demilitarization of the Corps, until the end of his career completed by reaching the age limit.