Pither Palluzzi Samba


After graduating in Law at the University of Teramo, with a thesis in international law (on the prohibition of collective expulsions), I attended the master in business law, general affairs and legal management at SIDA management academy (School of management & enterprise). Ate same time I did my legal practice at Simonelli-Tinarelli law firm and worked as a junior privacy specialist for Enry’s Island (startup incubator and accelerator). I currently teach on public safety regulations for control officers (bodyguards) at Afes in Avezzano (consortium of high training and safety).

Following the transfer to Rome,I started working for the Antonaci law firm, dealing with the elaboration of commercial contracts, the drafting of judicial and extrajudicial documents, as well as participation in the hearings before criminal and civil judges. 

UNIPAX – I became part of this large family, joining the United Peacers project in which I told top positions for the creation of new international democratic institutions, playing an important role in this organization as a privacy specialist.